Vision & Values

Mediclinic International’s vision is to be respected internationally and preferred locally.

We will be respected internationally for:

  • Delivering measurable quality clinical outcomes
  • Continuing to grow as a successful international healthcare group
  • Enforcing good corporate governance
  • Acting as a responsible corporate citizen

We will be preferred locally for:

  • Delivering excellent patient care
  • Ensuring aligned relationships with doctor communities
  • Being an employer of choice, appointing and retaining competent staff
  • Building constructive relationships with all stakeholders
  • Being a valued member of the community

Our relentless focus on patient needs will create long-term shareholder value and establish Mediclinic International as a leader in the global healthcare industry.

Our Values

Mediclinic and all its employees support the following core values:


In our behaviour we:

  • reflect the image of the company
  • deliver the right service in the right place at the right time
  • regard everyone who is dependent on our outputs as our client
  • determine and meet the expectations of our clients
  • measure our clients' satisfaction regularly
  • respect our clients' right to confidentiality
  • personally accept responsibility for client service


In our behaviour we:

  • promote positive team behaviour
  • ensure the participation of all role players in problem solving
  • set common goals
  • exhibit responsible, fair, honest and effective leadership and followership


In our behaviour we:

  • share information to the benefit of the company
  • listen with empathy
  • communicate openly and honestly
  • exhibit respect for the individual and his or her dignity
  • respect personal and company property
  • solve problems on a win-win basis
  • greet and acknowledge one another
  • maintain an ethical standard


In our behaviour we:

  • set objectives and give regular performance feedback
  • ensure that each individual knows what the standards are and what is expected
  • give recognition to whom it is due
  • offer each employee the opportunity to develop to his or her full potential
  • eliminate activities that do not add value
  • promote continuous improvement in productivity
  • base all appointment and promotions on competence and performance
  • accept mentorship as a management task